References for embedded processes and process control systems :      The UK Institution of Electrical Engineers.

& on the same Web site equip.htm & embedded.htm

(or & select Technology and select Year 2000 Documents) (Allen Bradley) Open Systems Architecture Foundation (free registration is required for this site) (a good report is due in Nov. 97) (testing document for control and embedded systems) (control systems reference) Plant Y2k ONE access to a compliance database from  TAVA.

Media reporting: for Computer Bits Magazine COMPUTERWORLD May 19, 1997 pages 1 & 28 Oil Valve story

More links added by Patrick O'Beirne: General Motors: Protocol/process/methodology Embedded Systems and Software Testing  The Cassandra Project : Health, Safety and Basic Services Roleigh Martin on Core Infrastructures  Electric Power Industry Scottish health medical devices and Estates paper presented to the IEI (Institution of Engineers of Ireland) by Denis Kelly of the ESB (Electricity Supply Board) Report on IEI meeting 27 November 1997 NZPA report on Comalco Aluminium Smelter failure 31 Dec 1996  Medical product compliance (Swedish Language)  Rx2000 Solutions Institute  U.K  National Health Service

Manufacturers:  Bently-Nevada:

From: "Victor Shumuk" <>
Subject: PLC Bible: Compliance Statements from PLC Manufacturers
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 14:47:01 -0400

If anyone out there can help me with links to the following (or would like other PLC links added), please email me direct ( and I will post an updated compilation to this list:

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Y2K compliance links for PLC's

Disclaimer: Commentary in this document solely represent the opinions of the author, and are not those of EPCM Services Ltd.

Allen Bradley (Rockwell Automation  - - main year 2000 compliance information page at :

Eurotherm: Compliance info availabe at:

Omron Controllers:compliance info available at:

General Electric (includes GE Fanuc):GE does not provide Y2K compliance info over the web.

To get information call 1-800-648-2001 GE fanuc www site is at:

Square D: Square D is part of the Schnieder group.

Modicon: Modicon is part of the Schnieder group.

Y2K information available at

AMS Controls (formerly known as Applied Microsystems) company www site: could not find Y2K compliance info.

Honeywell Industrial Automation & Control Y2K headquarters:
Honeywell also sells software to scan for non-compliant PLC code. Honeywell requires registration prior to sending you their Y2K data.

Toshiba PLC's: www info at:

Red Lion Controls: Y2K info at:

Cutler Hammer: Y2K info at:

Siemens Simatic Controllers: Y2K info from Siemens is available at:

Here's a link to their compliance document (63 pages PDF

format) This site also contains free date-scanning software to help search for Y2K non-compliant PLC software.

More Y2K info:

IDEC: Limited Y2K info can be found at IDEC's www site:

IDEC PLCs with real time clocks and calendars are: PF3S-CP11T of the FA series as well as all Micro3s and Micro3Cs

Yokogawa: Good Y2k info available at:

Texas Instruments PLC: according to Texas Instruments no longer supports Programmable Logic Controller products. Please contact Siemens Corporation (see Siemens above)

Koyo PLC's Koyo Y2K compliance information can be found under: (3 pages PDF format)

Stories of embedded systems failures:   Embedded Systems - the problem is real

- --- Year 2000 and Manufacturing Companies ------

OFFICIAL RELEASE -- October 28, 1997

The Year 2000 user groups co-sponsoring the joint position statement are as follows:

- -- Tennessee Y2K Issues Group in Nashville, Tennessee

- -- Midwest 2000 Sharing Group in St. Louis

- -- Arizona Millennium Group in Phoenix

- -- New York 2000 User Group

- -- "The Nutmeg Centurians" in Trumbull, Connecticut

- -- Society for Information Management (SIM) Year 2000 Working Group

- -- Central Indiana Year 2000 User Group

- -- Bluegrass Year 2000 Group in Lexington, Kentucky

We have not had any user group decline involvement.

- ----- JOINT POSITION STATEMENT --------------------

"Embedded Systems" include microprocessors and computer chips embedded in many process controls, sensors and other devices. These systems often require someone with detailed product knowledge to identify the component and test it. In many instances, only the vendor or their supplier is in a position to know how to fix the embedded system. Older equipment may no longer be supported by the original equipment manufacturer, and an upgrade or replacement is required.

These embedded systems need to be identified, evaluated, corrected where needed, tested, the testing documented, the results reviewed for validity, and other adjustments made. This is all easy to say but it can be very difficult and time consuming to achieve. Studies and reports indicate that very few organizations have even begun to fix their embedded systems problems.

Has your organization already determined that it does not have embedded system problems? What level of business risk is there to your organization from embedded systems failures? What level of business risk is there in "not knowing" about potential failures of your suppliers, customers, and service providers? It is our understanding that nearly every manufacturing company, which has thoroughly checked, has identified some embedded systems problems. If these outside organizations have a problem, it could disrupt your business. We want to encourage everyone to take steps to avoid disruptions due to Year 2000 computer problems within their own, their suppliers, or their customers embedded systems.

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DISCLAIMER -- The information above represents the views of the co-sponsoring Year 2000 user groups as a whole. This is not intended to reflect the views of any member organization. We believe the references provided support our position. The intent of this document is to provide helpful information to many organizations.

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