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Every web site has to have a page of miscellaneous links that don't belong under the other categories. They are chosen because of a personal interest, an unusual resource, one that we think may be of interest to our visitors.


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Fred Langa's award-winning e-newsletter. You'll see how to get LOTS more from your hardware, software, and time online!

Bernie Goldbach's weblog "Underway in Ireland" Web intelligence snippets from Ireland.

BlackNight Solutions offer spam-filtered ISP services and run the search engine

Ireland's Directory is a new directory of web sites.

Enterprise Quality Specialists Limited are Business and Manufacturing Quality Consultants. Enterprise Quality Management Systems, Management Execution Systems and business process improvement solutions. Systems developed by Pilgrim Software and Camstar.

Seabrook Research Limited are Manufacturing Consultants and specialists in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Performance Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Document Management software solutions. Payroll Outsourcing.

Business Europe has a series of  "how to" guides with useful and practical business tips. For example, the Ecommerce guide.  

Frontend reviews use some of the world's most popular websites in order to illustrate key concepts in usability engineering.  

Business Plan Ware 
Tools for writing a business plan, making financial projections, business planning and developing business strategies – software, shareware, freeware, white papers, samples, templates and other useful features & resources.  The white papers are good practical  and common-sense information. Downloadable trial shareware for financial planning. 

WEB SITES FOR DISCERNING FINANCE STUDENTS Wachowicz's Web World. From the author of "Fundamentals of Financial Management" (with Prentice Hall Finance Center CD-ROM), 11th ed., Prentice-Hall (2001) by James Van Horne and John Wachowicz. 

The GED (General Educational Development Test; General Equivalency Diploma ) is the equivalent of a high school diploma, obtained by taking a test. GED Preparation & High School Diploma Online (PassGED) offers tests, online courses, and lesson plans.


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