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ScanXLS assists you in IT audit compliance projects related to internal controls on risks in end user development of spreadsheet models. Originally developed for Y2K and Euro conversion projects, this Microsoft® Excel® inventory/catalog utility has now been enhanced with complexity metrics to address concerns in Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) 404 audits.

Systems Modelling can also scan spreadsheet files sent to us. This spreadsheet scanning service suits those who don't wish to install third party software on their servers, or who want an outsourced solution.

Scanxls also reports on other data or formula integrity issues that may exist in the spreadsheet, alerting businesses to problems that they did not know they had.

Contact: Patrick O'Beirne (+353) 86 835 2233

ScanXLS ver 3.43 released September 2009, release 3.43b updated Nov 2012

Quick links: demonstration workbook (63KB zipped) that shows the results of a sample run but does not contain any working code. demonstration from a run in Excel 2013

Documentation: a 799K PDF with a full description of the product including differences from the previous versions

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ScanXLS gives you data for these fundamental questions you need to answer in your Sarbox project:

- What spreadsheets do we have where on the network?
- Who is the responsible owner/user/developer?
- How big are they, how complex, have they errors?
- What dependencies/links exist between them?
- Has a spreadsheet changed from an authorized/validated version?

"ScanXLS is an invaluable and indispensable tool for anyone working with Excel spreadsheets. It gives you the insight you need to assess your risk and bring your files under control. If you use external links, you will definitely need ScanXLS to lay out your files' inter-dependencies. It's like having a super-robot performing the work of an army of auditors and accountants."  Reagan Lee, Business Systems Consultant

What it does

It scans any given directory and below and obtains a list of all the .XL* files. You then select some or all of these, and it opens each one in turn read-only and reports on some file properties, attributes, the presence of unusual features or settings that may represent a risk or are prone to human error, the error checking statistics provided by Microsoft Excel, a list of other workbooks that it depends on through links, and a scoring on how 'problematic' it might be. SCANXLS can also compare two workbooks to check whether their formulas and/or values are identical.

ScanXLS fills the gap in the market left by most spreadsheet auditing tools that  test only one spreadsheet at a time. ScanXLS is designed to give immediately understandable answers to obvious questions which any auditor will raise about the extent of spreadsheet usage. It is not designed to be a detailed cell formula auditing tool - for that purpose we are happy to recommend Exchecker, SpACE, Spreadsheet Detective, or other specialist testing packages, and we can provide training in their use.

"Thanks for providing SCANXLS. There is quite a bit of concern out there about spreadsheet use and controls in relation to the internal control audits that have been mandated by Section 404 of Sarbanes Oxley.  It's been very helpful in this effort." Jane Starrett, Vice President and Controller of Thornburg Mortgage, Inc.

You can download a demonstration workbook (63KB zipped) that shows the results of a sample run but does not contain any working code.

How to buy it

The price for a single user (auditor) license is , plus 21.5% VAT when purchased in Ireland. According to current exchange rates, this is roughly equivalent to

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Please ensure that your mail server and email software allow you to receive a zipped Excel workbook which contains macros. (ScanXLS uses VBA code.) Your virus scanner may place such attachments in quarantine, so be sure you know how to retrieve them.

After you complete the transaction, we will send you the full version with the appropriate license key by email. Please allow 1 to 3 working days for your order to be received and processed.

If you prefer, you may make a direct euro transfer to our bank account, contact us to learn more.

"Absolutely fantastic! Your product has saved me so much time and made what would for me previously have been daunting audit tasks very simple! The time saving more than justifies the small investment." - Management Consultant

"The information gathered from the tool is very helpful . It has proven very useful already." Rhett Staehling, Senior IT Auditor, metroPCS

"It did exactly what we wanted" Lisa Jones, Idaho


SCANXLS 3.43b is the latest version. It is a Microsoft Excel .XLS or newer .XLSB spreadsheet, you decide at the time of ordering. The VBA source code is not available. You can download a 799K PDF with a full description of the product including differences from the previous versions.

Here is a brief summary: the spreadsheet has seven tabs for:

  1. Read me first
  2. Excel - checks for settings in Microsoft Excel itself that you should be aware of
  3. SCANXLS - scan settings and results, see the documentation for details
  4. Passwords - to automatically open workbooks if desired
  5. Workbook Links - to help track workbook formula dependencies among multiple files
  6. Pivot/Query Links - to find data dependencies on external sources
  7. WBCompare - a WorkBook Comparison utility to check whether a workbook is the same structurally (i.e. has the same formulas and lines of code) as a reference validated workbook.


"On a directory with 185 sub-directories and 2500 files, it did the job flawlessly. Some of the files have more than 100 external references. Well done and thanks." Paul Chiu, Business Analyst, Melbourne, Australia

ScanXLS3 (.XLSB) has been tested with: Microsoft Excel 2013 and 2010 in Windows 7, Excel 2007 in Windows Vista. The previous SCANXLS2 .XLS version has been tested with Excel 2003 and Excel 2002 in Windows XP, Excel 2000 in Windows 2000, and Excel 97 in Windows 98. Disclaimer: this spreadsheet is supplied as-is with no warranty. If it fails to perform as described above, Systems Modelling Ltd. will refund what you paid us for it.  To assist us in our quality control, you should  return the failed spreadsheet with a description of the error and stating the version of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Excel used.

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