XLTest: Spreadsheet testing and auditing add-in

XLTest helps you to check the integrity of your Excel® spreadsheets far more quickly than with tedious cell-by-cell inspection. Its colour maps of the worksheets give you a visual overview that enables you to very quickly see inconsistencies. Its detailed listings are ideal for audit record purposes. The ability to compare versions and run test cases facilitate compliance with spreadsheet controls.

XLTest Ribbon menu 

Download the complete XLTest 83-page manual PDF (4.4MB)

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XLTest Free Edition: download the free addin (1.8MB Zip file) to evaluate the formula colorizing feature.

Please contact us to ask for a FREE time limited evaluation copy, or a zipped folder with a sample analysis of a demo workbook.

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Training as a separate option is available at 700 euro/day.

The XLTest menus

XLTest Start menu   XLTest Compare Menu   XLTest Test Cases menu   XLTest Database menu 

XLTest Visualize menu   XLTest Utilities Menu   XLTest Utilities Menu   XLTest Shortcuts menu

 XLTest also provides 14 extra functions that you can use in your spreadsheets.

Table of Contents

Recent Version History
The XLTest menu and toolbar
The Start menu
Start > Start new test session
Visualize and Document menu
Workbook Documentation
Reset Settings, Unhide structure
Detailed Inspection
Styles and Conditional Formats
Formulas List, Colorize
Data Validation Formulas
Colorize by Protection
Data Type and Usage
Decolorize worksheets
Colorize by Precedents
Colorize by Dependents
Show Watch info
Add $TOC, Readme, Palette
Start > XLTest Options
Start > Help / About XLTest
Start > Batch process
Test Cases menu
Introduction to Test Cases
New Test Case Workbook
Run Test Cases
Tests to Scenarios
Scenarios to Tests
Compare Menu
Compare two Cells
Compare worksheets
Compare workbooks
Comparison Functions callable from your code
Quick Diff report
Compare VBA
Utilities Menu
Remove secure protection from XML
Toggle R1C1 / A1
Show active autofilter
Reset Text to Columns settings
Reset Excel status
Recalculate Workbook / Sheets / Selection / Formulas
Add Debug code
Profile VBA code execution
Workbook Menu
Clear Unused Range
Delete All Styles
Save Copy As…
Copy to new workbook
Unprotect active sheet
Unprotect workbook and sheets
Delete Unused Number Formats
Unhide / Delete Names
Import all VB Components
Export all VB Components
Export VBProject to text file
Scan Files menu
List Excel filenames
Analyse files in list
Run macro on files
Manage passwords
Set Master Password
List records for a file
SQL Command / Query DB
List DB schema
Schema of XLTest database
Shortcuts Keys menu
User defined Functions
Book: ‘Spreadsheet Check and Control’ cross-reference
Software License Agreement for XLTEST


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Book: Spreadsheet Check and Control: 47 best practices to detect and prevent errors