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Patrick O'Beirne, Editor

PraxIS Newsletter Archive 2000-2002

December 2002

   The EBusiness of Email: my favourite gripes

Software Testing
SoftTest Ireland conference December 16

   Yahoogroups proliferate to discuss UK euro preparations
   BoE PIQ and CIPFA documents updated
   BBC Quiz: How much do you know about the EU?

Risk Management
   New yahoogroup on Basel II Operational Risk Management (ORM)

On the lighter side
    Christmas Quiz

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November 2002


   Conference: "ICT and eWork @ work in Ireland" Nov 18-19
   Internet access for developing countries
   Warning on "greeting card" scam

Software Testing

  SoftTest Ireland conference December 16

Euro and the UK

   Report on euro-related speaking engagements in the UK
   Economic arguments - pro and con

On the lighter side 

   A use for AOL CDs

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October 2002

  Book sales rank tracking service
  Pet peeve - huge graphic logos embedded in attachments
  Irish consortium bids to run .eu domain
Risk Management
  Hide your email address on the web
  The BugBear trojan
  Linux sysadmins slapped
  Word pilferage field protection: Hidden File Detector
Software Quality
  Software Bugs articles from SQL Server magazine
Euro features
  My upcoming presentations in the UK
  The Five Tests for the UK
  Not so Nice
  CORDIS R&D weekly digest now available by e-mail
FEEDBACK requested on the Nice Treaty Referendum in Ireland
On the lighter side 
  Believe it or not
  TLA Hunt
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September 2002


    To e or not to e?

Risk Management

    Do you think "It couldn't happen to us" ?
    Is Your Email List *Really* Secure?
    The biggest Word 97 security hole yet?

Software Quality

    SoftTest Ireland - new Software Testing SIG
    European Spreadsheet Risks (EuSpRIG) Symposium, Dublin 2003
    Extreme Spreadsheet Engineering (XSE)

Euro features

    Euro coin swapping
    Flash Eurobarometer 107: Entrepreneurship
    EU Accounts, Accountants, Accountability, and Auditors
    UK Euro information forums close

On the lighter side 

    Believe it or not - the Greek games
    Murphy's Laws

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August 2002

Risk Management

EuSpRIG 2002 Symposium July 18/19 report
"Coping with IS/IT Risk Management" Book review
SoftTest Ireland - new Software Testing SIG
New CMMI Process Improvement YahooGroup

Euro features

Euro coins test for colour blindness

On the lighter side 

Yahoo! mail twists your words
Lawyers with a sense of humour

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July 2002

Euro features

Eurobarometer no 57
UK firms should prepare for the euro
Dear little country
Euro cash and card payments cheaper
Online VAT validation


EuSpRIG 2002 Symposium July 18/19
Professional Ethics article

On the lighter side

PWC : that Monday feeling
The worst of the web

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June 2002

Internet features
EU Directive adopted - anti-spam?
Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer - must get
Microsoft Releases Your Personal Hotmail Info
More Google features from their labs

Euro features
BoE: Practical Issues Arising from the Euro: May 2002
Town in Wales enters Eurozone

Risk Management
'Advance fee' fraudsters - let the games begin 

On the lighter side 
The worst of the web
Welsh place name pronunciation

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May 2002

Internet features
K L E Z spreads
   MS Internet Explorer Security flaw exposed
   More Enterprise Ireland Case studies

Euro features
A UK Software package that still doesn't know about the euro
   Irish Euro changeover took 8 days
   European Commission reports that Euro changeover a success 
   Europeans happier but not yet fully confident with the Euro
   Markets see UK Euro entry by 2005 as an even bet
   UK Banks 'dangerously unprepared for early euro entry'

Risk Management
Y2K: The malady lingers on
   Too helpful system reveals personal identifying data

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April 2002

Internet features

Customer Service Case Study (Enterprise Ireland)
Telecoms Council approves new '.eu' TLD (EUBusiness)

Euro features

Eurobarometer polls
Narrowing margin in UK euro polls (EUBusiness)

Risk Management

Allfirst / AIB and Spreadsheet risks

On the lighter side
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Mar/Apr 2002 update

Euro features 

Review of the introduction of euro notes and coins
FEE Survey results
Survey: diffusion of coins through the euro area

Risk Management 

Allied Irish Banks: the Ludwig report
"Spreadsheet Roulette: The Hidden Corporate Gamble"

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March 2002

Euro features 

News: Goodbye to national currencies
Paper: " Britain’s best interests lie out of the euro" (download)

Management issues

Review: Not moved by the cheese (download)
News: Personal Software Process
Opinion: Email marketing opt in/out
News: XML Exploit

Off topic (personal) & light relief (humour)

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February 2002

Euro features 

Goodbye to Euro-Impact
Free Euro Font check Utility
Euro trivia
Designer of the euro symbol revisited
Euro news items for Jan

Tech stuff

WinXP backup? Not!
From the news items
XML and E-Business initiatives
Uninvited: My Party
Project Management

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January 2002 - the first week of the euro!

Euro features 

UK shops accepting euro
Italian problems
Heads or Tails?
Would you like chips with that?
How to tell which country issued a euro bank note
Success has many fathers

Tech stuff

Are Your Passwords Secure?
Security Costs and Risks
Project Management

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December 2001 update

10 Dec :  a mid-month update as we get close to the final days of old currency.

Pictures of euro coins of 15 currencies (download)
EU press releases and surveys (Europa)
Irish insurers help SMEs (AMUE)
Worries (FEE)
Bus and train fares in Ireland all to be rounded down (FT)
No consultants for euro symbol (FT)
What about legacy NCU cheques? (SBP)
Russian Central Bank confused about the euro? (Moscow Times)
The Euro & UK Business explanatory booklet from BASDA (download)

December 2001

Euro features

Update for Software Developers from BASDA London Dec 3, 2001
A Technical keyboard tip
The Euro in the news - inflation, consumers, out-countries

Tech stuff

Microsoft Passport & MCP risks
BadTrans and Goner
File Formats

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November 2001

Euro features
The Euro in the news

Printing the euro symbol
Twenty examples of good euro practice
Update for Software Developers from BASDA London 3-Dec
OpenAccounts recommended for BASDA EMU Accreditation
SME Accounting package conversions: Sage, MYOB, Quickbooks

Tech Stuff
CSE Annual Software Conference 13 Nov

Macro Security problem In MS Excel/PowerPoint 
Windows XP - Xtra Problematic?

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October 2001

Euro features

Bank Of England Official Prepares For The Euro
Euro price creep foiled
Rounding down, uncharitably ...
Thomas Cook takes EC to court over euro symbol
European Commission pages
"Euro Change" series on RTE radio 1
One in five small businesses will not be ready for the euro
No room for complacency about large companies' euro preparations
The perils of euro software testing
The euro book

Tech stuff

The Nimda worm
On the lighter side
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September 2001

Euro features

We test euro converters for the GSA
The secrets of euro testing to be revealed
Test, test, then test again...
Euro banknote and coin features revealed
Euro price creep
Rounding down ... unfortunately
Unaware retailers
Price transparency?
Good ideas
Hope for Visa card users hit with surcharges
FEE Questionnaire ... please contribute

Tech stuff

Techrepublic, Silicon, BusinessFinance sources
Spreadsheet best practices
On the lighter side
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August 2001

Euro features

The Euro Trophies awards
Sybiz Vision passes our Euro tests
Forfás Euro converter passes our tests
Euro training resources
Euro Bank Transfer Fees
Did you know?

Internet and Information Security

Worms, Scams, and Code Red
Teoma - a new search engine
How not to make money on the Internet
How to make money on the Internet ;-)
Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group

On the lighter side
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July 2001

Euro features

The secret of eurozone inflation?
The Mars Bar Index
The potential systemic pressures of the changeover
Eurobarometer survey May 2001
How to get the euro symbol in DOS

Information Security

Hackers deface European Commission site
Denial of Service attacks reported by Steve Gibson

On the lighter side
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June 2001

Euro features
  Testing, certification, and carefulness
  Complaints on compliance
  The big clean up
  How to read a compliance survey
  Double trouble
  Euro counterfeiting detection workshop
  Other euro sources
Information Security
  The virus that wasn't.

On the lighter side
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May 2001

Euro features
TAS Books Accounting euro converter for BASDA accreditation
EuroBarometer surveys: Attitudes to the EU
SME euro planning and preparation survey
Quarterly Review Of The Use Of The Euro Fourth Quarter 2000
Good practice to promote consumers' familiarity with the euro
Conference: How to handle the most difficult changeover problems
Euro Risk Management and Contingency planning 
Europaper 42: EMU: The First Two Years 
Media focus on software conversion assurances
Hackwatch reports more dot-bombs
Automated spam reporting 
A free web site monitoring service
Information Security
Microsoft security fixes infected with FunLove virus 

Software Quality
Manifesto for Agile Software Development
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April 2001

Euro features
BASDA awards EMU accreditations
Legacy currency cross-border cheques best practice
FEE Euro conference Athens 3-5 May
Changing cash plans
The most difficult changeover problems
Euro rounding down
The Eurozone in action: changes and challenges
A single world currency?
Business Europe magazine "how to" guides
e-Marketplace difficulties
Information Security
PatchWork: A Tool to Test For Vulnerabilities
Unauthentic "Microsoft Corporation" Certificates
Software Quality
Testing Tales
Reservations about usability
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March 2001

Euro features
BASDA approve SML as software tester for EMU Accreditation
Caution on misuse of term "Conforms to BASDA" in surveys
National Euro Conference Ireland Feb 19 2001
EUBusiness online workshop "Euro notes and coins"
Advice to accountants and auditors about the change to the euro
Euro Fit Campaign - Irish Exporters Association seminars
Children's Cent Candy Cash Churn 
E-Business / Security

The Nigerian Fraud now in your email inbox
Software Quality 
Controlling the Subversive Spreadsheet
On the lighter side
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February 2001

Euro features
Notes and Coins - the whites of the eyes of the euro
The practical organisation of the changeover
EuroCalculus cash requirements calculator
Retailers fear the winter change
Bank of England gets answers to technical questions
Will prices go up as happened at UK decimalisation?
EUBusiness online workshop "Euro notes and coins"
Irish Chartered Accountants Euro Guide
Irish Computer Society Yearbook 2001 on the Euro
Operations Research and Decision Support in Ebiz
XBRL: eXtensible Business Reporting Language
Domain Games
Tech stuff 
On the lighter side
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January 2001

Farewell Y2K
21 resolutions for 2001
"Managing Change & Technology" newsletter 
Euro features
Greece joins EMU
EU Enlargement
EMUbusiness newsletter
Information Security
Self protection 101
Dot-com deaths
Web site usability reviews
Free ebusiness video for Irish businesses
Software Quality Links
Tech stuff - essential utilities
On the lighter side
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December 2000

Euro features 
Seeing double 
Report on 8th FEE Conference: Paris 13 - 14 November 2000. 
A free service for your website visitors  
Legal sources 
Software Quality links

On the lighter side
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November 2000

Euro features
Our report on the IBAC "Euro phase C" presentation by AIB
8th FEE Conference: Paris 13 - 14 November 2000.
Did you know? 
Information Security

Sources: INFOSEC
Microsoft online break-in

The marketer's nightmare
e-Europe discussion transcript
Software Quality Events

Light Development Methodologies
"Software Productivity in a Changing World", Dublin
Tech stuff - file formats
On the lighter side
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October 2000  

Euro features
8th FEE Conference: Paris 13 - 14 November 2000.
Europapers published in September
Danes reject euro membership
Information Security

Discussion lists

EUbusiness online discussion on e-Europe
Boo! - lessons learned
Dynamic pricing - how to save money at Amazon
Software Quality Events

EuroSPI ' 2000 European Software Process Improvement, Copenhagen
Software Productivity in a Changing World, Dublin
Cynics Unite

Pointers to skeptical commentators
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September 2000
Euro features
Still time to enter Eurotrophies competition 
Accounting and Financial Software Issues for SMEs 
Why is database wrapping a 'dangerous IT solution'? 
Glossary of EMU 
Quarterly review of the use of the euro 
Are you ready for the euro ? - a FEE survey
Information Security 
COSAC 2000 11-14 Sep, Killarney 
A free personal firewall 
How to subscribe to the Risks-Forum Digest 
Hack Watch - Eircom
Internet Features 
E-Commerce and e-business 
Web Site Design - Top Ten Mistakes and Usability Guidelines

August 2000
Our Euro software package certification service
Error discovered in official guide euro calculation examples
A caution on Euro spreadsheet converters and a bonus for readers
New: the European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group (EuSpRIG)
Information Security : who's spying on your downloads?
Y2K continues to bite!

July 2000
How to prevent SPAM
Euro Update
Not So Serious

June 2000
"Enterprises 2002" report from Brussels on how SMEs can be assisted in the changeover to the euro.

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