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The euro content of this web site is preserved for the interest of readers in the UK, Sweden, and Denmark, and the accession countries. We have a wealth of archival material that describes the work that was done in the 12 eurozone countries for a successful transition to the euro on 1.1.2002.  

If you are doing contingency planning for a euro changeover, you can benefit from our considerable experience. Contact us for advice, training, and testing services to prevent problems in the systems conversion project!

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10 euro note Index to our Euro pages

Euro balloons Central Audiovisual Library, European Commission

1 euro coinMost popular links 

Euro calculator (image: Central Audiovisual Library, European Commission)

1 euro coinStill-current external links 

  • UK Draft Managed Transition Plan published for consultation (January 2005)  The UK’s preferred phased approach or “Managed Transition” to any possible future UK changeover to the euro was published in the third outline National Changeover Plan on 9 June 2003. The Euro Preparations Unit invites comments on this working draft from all interested parties by 25 March 2005.
  • UK Euro Preparations leaflet July 2004 Euro Preparations - What you need to know This leaflet provides a summary of the third outline National Changeover Plan. It explains how the UK would make the change from sterling to euro in the event of a decision to join.
  • UK Euro Preparations Unit report Spring 2004 details the work done, and a forward work programme for consumer codes, codes of practice, communications plans, local authority changeover plans, and the Managed Transition Plan. Reports on consultation process to Jan 2004, Consumer protection and communication, Public, Voluntary, and Private sector, and wholesale financial markets preparations, and reports from preparations committees in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
    EPU is working with stakeholders across the economy to develop an Integrated Communication Plan (ICP) by autumn 2004. Local authority plans should be completed by summer 2004, and at this point the authorities will consider having them externally verified, for example, through OGC Gateway™. On 18 February 2004, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) published the results of its research into the effect of adopting the euro on the sector, in a report called “Ready for Change?”. An updated version of the Managed Transition Plan (MTP) for the private sector will be available by autumn 2004.
    Examples of the euro services available in Newry, Northern Ireland, include: • euro cash is widely accepted throughout the retail sector in Newry – around 30% of trade in Newry is conducted in euro and one Newry city centre bank ATM machine has over 5,000 euro transactions per week; • euro coins are accepted in Newry car parks and public telephones; and • Newry City Council accept euro notes in payment for local services.
  • UK Treasury publishes euro compatibility guidance
    2 February 2004. Seen on IPF Signposts to Europe
    The Euro Preparations Unit at the HM Treasury has published
    'Euro Compatibility: a guide for managers' (346K PDF). Originally published for central government managers, the guide has been substantially revised and updated. This document is vital to anyone involved in the procurement of new IT hardware and software. If consideration is not given to ensuring that new systems or upgrades are euro compatible they may need to be replaced in the event of a UK decision to join the euro, which could be well within their operating life.
  • Bank of England  "Practical Issues Arising from the Euro" Nov. 2002 Issue. 
  • Communication from the European Commission to the European Council. Review of the introduction of euro notes and coins (6 March 2002) (pdf files 140 Kb) 
  • Help for UK businesses from Basda  The BASDA (Business Application Software Developers Association) has launched a new booklet entitled 'The Euro & UK Business in 2002' (595K PDF), aimed at helping UK businesses deal with the practical issues arising from the changeover to the new currency on 1/1/2002. 
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  • How to join the euro-eu email discussion list.



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1 euro coin Book on the euro

How to succeed in your euro project.

If you're in Denmark, the UK, or Sweden, learn from the experience of those who have changed to the euro. Discover the secret traps in euro conversion and what vendors are not telling you about "euro compliance". Free reader support.

Managing the Euro in Information Systems book/CD


The book "Managing the Euro in Information Systems - Strategies for Successful Changeover" is available from Amazon in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France


See below for other books on the euro and business


1 euro coin Articles Index

Articles on EMU, the euro, I.T. and Information Systems. Updated April 2001: Risk management and contingency planning in a euro project. FEE Euro web site. Also see the archive table of contents for the PraxIS/EuroIS newsletter from current back to June 2000.

1 euro coin Frequently Asked Questions on the IT Impact of the euro

Answers to the most common questions on the impact of the euro on information systems. Email discussion forum, rounding, triangulation, euro compliance, euro compatibility, case studies.

1 euro coin Euro software links

Download documents on how to get the euro symbol in Windows and on printers, fonts with the euro symbol, converters and calculators, code analysis and database conversion tools. Click here to launch a euro currency conversion calculator (javascript by Pim van Mun, PHP by Patrick O'Beirne)

1 euro coin Frequently Asked Questions on EMU, economics, and the euro

Answers to the most common questions on economic union and the euro. Economic and Monetary Union, conversion rates, information on notes and coins, exchange rates and online realtime currency converters from Xenon and Oanda.

1 euro coin National Euro information links

Links to web sites with national changeover plans and information for business and consumers, trade links with USA and the rest of the world.

1 euro coin General Euro web links

Links to non-country-specific web sites: European Commission, commercial sites, search engines etc. See below for the European Union and Euro-Sceptic Web Rings.

1 euro coin  Euro-Papers, magazines, and other documents

Glossary of EMU, list of Euro-papers, Publications, Books.

1 euro coin Our course / seminar outline

An outline of a typical seminar on the euro changeover. Choose your level: a "euro made easy" workshop for managers, and a detailed technical presentation on euro software testing and database conversion. 

Also see Patrick O'Beirne's speaking engagements on the euro

10 euro note We provide consultancy on how to efficiently and accurately convert business and information systems to the euro.

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EUCitizen web ring

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PRO-EURO: Click on the buttons above to find out more about the European Union. 

ANTI-EURO: You can find opposing viewpoints at the Euro-sceptic Web Ring by clicking on these text links : [ Previous 5 Sites | Previous | Next | Next 5 Sites | Random Site | List Sites ]

10 euro note Newsletter

Each month we email out a FREE newsletter "PraxIS", on important IT issues with a special focus on the euro changeover. To sign up, Simply send a blank email to eurois-subscribe (at) yahoogroups (dot) com

Archive table of contents for the PraxIS/EuroIS newsletter back to June 2000.

You can also subscribe here to the euro-eu discussion list hosted by YahooGroups. Simply send a blank email to euro-eu-subscribe (at) yahoogroups (dot) com

Books on the euro and business with direct Amazon links

Book Description   USA
    $ £ CAD
Managing the Euro in Information Systems: Strategies for Successful Changeover. Patrick O'Beirne.   USA UK Germany France Canada
A Guide to the Euro by Jay H. Levin, Wayne State University (pub. Houghton Mifflin, 2002) explaining both the historical and political background as well as the economic underpinnings of monetary integration.   USA UK Germany France Canada
Preparing for the Euro
by Colin Stringer. UK Companies can and should make preparations now. This briefing explains what lessons can be learned from the experiences of companies across the eurozone. 
  USA UK Germany France Canada
Understanding the EURO : The Clear and Concise Guide to the New Trans-European Currency  By Christian N. Chabot. The euro in the context of global commerce; how the euro will affect businesses and investments worldwide.    USA UK Germany France Canada
The Euro: Yes or No? Anthony Browne. Should the UK join the single currency? Arguments for and against sterling going into EMU giving the advantages and disadvantages of the eurozone.     UK Germany    
Blowing the Whistle Paul van Buitenen, Lorna Dale (Translator) In 1998 Paul van Buitenen, an assistant auditor in the Financial Control Directorate of the European Commission in Brussels, lifted the lid on the internal corruption and fraud he had unearthed at the heart of the Commission.   USA UK Germany France Canada

Archive of useful links

2002 was the Year of the Euro!

NewsNow euro newsfeed updated every 5 minutes. (Opens a new browser window)

EUbusiness - business news from the European Union EUbusiness news ticker
News |EMU |Any Answers: |Search EUbusiness Yahoo! Daily News on the euro EU Observer provides a news feed by email Google archive of the euro newsgroup.   is a journalist's weblog with correspondents in many eurozone countries.

For historical interest: a euronews archive of the first week of 2002.


Joint statement by representatives of consumers and representatives of traders and SMEs Good practice to promote consumers' familiarity with the euro and to facilitate the introduction of euro coins and banknotes in 2002 (2 April 2001) may be downloaded from the FEE Web site or directly from this link as a PDF file (19K)

Euro-paper 42 "EMU: The first two years" (Mar 2001) may be downloaded from the FEE Web site or directly from this link as a PDF file (509K)

Advice to accountants and auditors about the change to the euro
In preparing and auditing the year 2000 accounts, this is the last systematic opportunity accountants and auditors will have to advise their clients about the need for early and adequate preparation for the introduction of the euro. A letter and enclosures in nine languages has been sent to all the national accountancy body members of the Fédération des Experts Comptables Européens (FEE). It includes advice on practice management issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, a suggested audit checklist, and Advice published by the Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes (in French). 

The euro slogans

From the Commission document 10 October 2001
ECFIN/532/01-EN Second report on the preparations for the introduction of euro notes and coins 

The slogans of the euro campaigns, which have been launched in all the euro-area countries since the beginning of 2001, shed light on the key theme in each country.
Belgium "Soon, the euro will be replacing the franc"
  Bientôt l'euro remplace le franc,   Straks vervangt de euro de frank
Germany "True values win through: the euro"
  Echte Werte setzen sich durch Der Euro
Greece "Euro: promising future" "I'm with the euro too"
  (Evrosto Mellon), (Ke ego Evro)
Spain "The euro, start counting with it/on it"
  Euro empieza a contar con el
France "The euro is easier together" 
  L'euro, c'est plus facile ensemble
Ireland Think euro- the change is in your pocket
  Smaoinigh euro - is I do phoca- sa a bheidh an t-athrú
Italy "The euro becomes an everyday event"
  L'euro entra nel quotidiano
Luxembourg "Ready for the euro" 
  Prett fir den euro!
Netherlands "The euro is for us all" 
  De euro wordt van ons allemaal
Austria "Welcome to the euro", (no overall slogan but targeted slogans)
  Willkommen Euro
Portugal "The euro: the right answer" 
  Euro. A resposta certa
Finland "Euro into practice" (not a slogan but an objective)
  Euro tas I bruck, Euro käyttöön
ECB/Eurosystem "The euro, our currency" 
  L’euro notre monnaie
Commission "The euro: the European Union in your hand"
  L'euro : l'Union européenne dans votre main

Euro-Impact magazine: 100% euro, 100% impact.

Contents January 2002 Final Issue

Thinking about the euro
Talking about the euro for the last time 

Policy & Issues
Smooth changeover confounds Cassandras 
Why some banks and post offices struggled to cope 
IBAN, BIC numbers compulsory on cross-border invoices 
Cash helps ‘out’ countries’ pro-euro camps 
The rights and wrongs of German euro rebates 
Waiting for the euro to deliver on price convergence 
Prices are the main complaint 
More coins needed, long-term fate of 1, 2-cents uncertain 
Finns round only cash payments 
ECB, Europol co-operation in counterfeiting 
Italians hit by eurostress 
Nicknames for Dutch euro 

French SMEs converted 
Doubts about German SMEs 
Euro? No problem, say French 
Cash wins Austrian, German hearts and minds 
British business more sympathetic to euro 
Information gaps survived on eve of cash launch 
Cash flow problems could still surface 
DATEV customers rushing to catch up 

Euro-Impact Editor's letter

One final word …
Since May 1997, when the trial issue of Euro-impact was launched and I worried (unnecessarily) about whether we would be launching the first issue in June 1997 with no subscribers, we have tried to stay away from the politics of the euro. Much to the amazement of many of my compatriots.
I am British, as many of you know by now. Indeed, some people have pointed to the paradox that a British publication with British editorial staff and British capital should be the only surviving pan-European newsletter for business on the single currency.
Because I am British, I have spent a great deal of time over the last few years explaining to my compatriots that it is possible to produce a monthly on the euro without taking a political stance either for or against it.
For that we had columnists, and in particular, Michael Rolfe, the pseudonym for John Wyles. To John, Euro-impact is indebted for his thought-provoking, up-to-the-minute columns and much unsung work in the boiler rooms of Euro-impact together with his wife and business partner, Carla Ciminera. Euro-impact was a joint venture of the three of us.
It is true that it would probably have been difficult for a eurosceptic to have enthused about being a member of the Euro-impact editorial team, but I believe we nevertheless succeeded in our mission of being an objective tool to help you deal with a reality you may love or hate, but could not escape.
Personally, I have always said I am an agnostic about UK membership, while behind the objective stance we have tried to pursue for the last five years and more, I have had no doubts that the single currency was the right, and an unavoidable course, for most of the EU. Consequently, I was as excited as anyone in the crowds which cheered the arrival of the euro at midnight at December 31. And I know many of you felt the same thrill, coupled with relief that the preparation had paid off in a smooth changeover.
And I must eat humble pie: I had been critical of the Publicis/European Central Bank advertising campaign. In practice, the concept that the euro should be portrayed as synonymous with youth and dynamism was clearly right. The behaviour of the public at large belied the surviving euro-scepticism shown in many polls and was testimony to the understanding that this was a historic moment and the eve of a new era. Many of us, and I was one, underestimated the popular sense of history.
So Euro-impact completes its mission on a high note, notwithstanding the inevitable glitches which accompanied the biggest peacetime logistical exercise ever. We, like the Association for the Monetary Union of Europe, with which we have been proud to co-operate for much of our existence, are folding our tents. As euro project managers, you are largely doing the same. I wish you well and thank you once again for all the help you have given me in understanding what Euro-impact readers' concerns were.
Marion Bywater
Editorial Director

Official Euro Partnership logo

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 Euro Workshop: our course outline We provide consultancy on how to efficiently and accurately convert business and information systems to the euro. Also see Patrick O'Beirne's speaking engagements on the euro
 BASDA Accreditation for euro conversion and our Euro Certification Testing services

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