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08-12 Contents: Redaction, IRISS, Euro, Spreadsheet WTF

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1) IT Risk
     Redaction Redux
     Irish Reporting and Information Security Service

2) Euro debates
      In or out?

3) Spreadsheets
     The Daily WTF on the Uncertainity Principle of Spreadsheets

4) Off Topic
     Office Offline web comic

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Welcome to PraxIS

Another spreadsheet story this month, and your last chance to get a Spreadsheet Safe training + XLTest package deal!

Patrick O'Beirne


1)  IT Risk

Redaction Redux

After my article last month on the accidental revealing of hidden data in Excel, a contact reported that he knew of a case in the US where a fortune 100 company made a production of Word docs and Powerpoint slide decks, all produced as PDF's and with the redactions as a distinct layer rather than "burned-in". Changing the redactions to a transparent colour turned them into a highlight of the information the other side felt was interesting. It may have been the GE case:
GE Suffers a Redaction Disaster; General Electric's sensitive information easy to access behind black veil
By Douglas S. Malan The Connecticut Law Tribune May 28, 2008
"The plaintiffs' firm, Sanford, Wittels & Heisler in Washington, D.C., took the time and effort to black out reams of pages in numerous briefs to make them inaccessible to the public -- or so they thought.  But as of late last week, you could download several documents through PACER's federal court filing system, copy the black bars that cover the text on the screen and paste them into a Word document. Voilà. Information about the inner-workings of GE's white, male-dominated management and their alleged discriminatory practices against women, which is supposed to be sealed by court order, appears with little technical savvy required. 'I didn't know that,' plaintiffs' lead counsel David W. Sanford said".

Other references on this topic are:
Public Information on Hidden Data; articles on the issue of hidden data in electronic documents
TRACE! by Workshare is a free document security tool that provides personal protection against information privacy and compliance violations in all documents you touch.
Adobe has a whitepaper "Redaction of Confidential Information in a Document" on the proper way to redact documents in their source form and PDF.
The National Security Agency Information Assurance Directorate has also provided guidance in a document titled: "Redacting with Confidence: How to Safely Publish Sanitized Reports Converted from Word to PDF"


Irish Reporting and Information Security Service

IRISS are Ireland's first CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) to provide services to all users within Ireland.

I recently signed up for IRISS and got this story:

Deloitte Survey Shows 65% of Irish E-Commerce Sites Not Secure        

"A recent survey by Deloitte shows that a significant portion of the 100 websites surveyed did not coply with the PCI DSS Credit Card Payments standard. In addition 2% of the sites did not encrypt cardholder data at all. The report points out that these insecure sites can lead to a greater risk of their clients becoming the victims of identity theft or credit card fraud. IRISS would recommend all sites that support e-commerce to ensure that they are compliant with the PCI DSS Credit Card Payments Standard.,1014,cid%253D235021,00.html
"The analysis looked at over 100 Irish based e-commerce websites and examined the security levels that were in place for online payments. 53% of companies supported weak or legacy encryption, with 2% sites not encrypting cardholder data entry sessions at all. This means that the information that visitors to the site submit such as name, address and credit card details can potentially be compromised and accessed by fraudsters. In addition, 7% websites did not require a CVV2 number – the three digit code on the back of credit cards. By requesting this number, the risk of fraud is greatly reduced. 3% of websites also had expired SSL certificates. SSL certificates verify that the website being interacted with is who it claims to be. Michael Hofmeyr, Senior Manager, Enterprise Risk Services, Deloitte added: “Recent research released in National Identity Fraud Prevention Week found that almost 90,000 people in Ireland have fallen victim to identity fraud."


2) Euro debates
EUBusiness reports that  debate about whether and when to join the euro is hotting up.
It has re-surfaced in the UK, Sweden, and Denmark.
Majority of Icelanders want to join EU, adopt euro: poll
"A large majority of Icelanders want their crisis-hit country to apply for EU membership and adopt the euro, but their enthusiasm has dwindled somewhat since the height of the financial panic last month, a poll showed Monday. The poll, published in the Frettabladid daily, indicated that 59.6 percent of Icelanders think their North Atlantic island nation should apply to join the European Union. About 68 percent support replacing their sharply depreciated krona with the euro."


3) Spreadsheets

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle...of Copy-and-Pasting into Spreadsheets?
"In going back previous editions of the spreadsheet, somehow, they managed to send completely idiotic numbers to their customers for three full years (at least). Not a single customer, not a single manager ever noticed the inconsistency for what were supposed to be trivial multiplications; not a single one of them noticed that 'The-most-important-figure-on-this-chart-we-base-all-our-decisions-on; was random garbage.
Excited at the chance to clear his name, Maxim revealed his findings to the lead analyst.  However, instead of relief, he only shrugged and responded 'Hmph... well, we usually just use our gut for recommendations, anyway.'"

I am reminded of a quotation, the earliest date I have seen for it is 2001: "I work for an investment bank. I have dealt with code written by stock exchanges. I have seen how the computer systems that store your money are run. If I ever make a fortune, I will store it in gold bullion under my bed."

ScanXLS helps companies find VAT rates in spreadsheets

Companies in the UK and Ireland face the staggering task of changing price lists in spreadsheets because of the VAT rate reduction from 17.5% to 15% in Chancellor Darling's stimulus to the British economy, and the increase from 21% to 21.5% in Ireland. SCANXLS from Systems Modelling lets you scan your entire hard disk or network for spreadsheets that contain 17.5% or .175 or combinations that result in gross or net calculations such as 7/47 and 40/47.

Systems Modelling can also scan spreadsheet files sent to us. This spreadsheet scanning service suits those who don't wish to install third party software on their servers, or who want an outsourced solution.

Scanxls also reports on other data or formula integrity issues that may exist in the spreadsheet, alerting businesses to problems that they did not know they had.

Contact: Patrick O'Beirne (+353) 5394 22294

Spreadsheet Safe Training plus unique software

My Spreadsheet Safe training course is available. A sample of the product is available from
Contact me if you would like a copy of the 64-point syllabus.

For the remainder of 2008 I am making a special offer that no other trainer can match. As well as the spreadsheet safe course, course materials, e-learning and certification test, each candidate shall receive a personal license for my XLTest  spreadsheet checking software. In the busyness of daily work, this add-in will dramatically enhance productivity in proofing and checking spreadsheets.

XLTest helps cover your assets

Here's some the things my XLTest add-in does that would have helped in the story above:

1) Unhide all very-hidden and hidden sheets, rows, and columns
2) Report text hidden by font colour is the same as background colour
3) Report text hidden by formatting strings like three semi-colons
4) Shows all built-in and custom document properties.

Plus all the things you expect an auditing add-in to do.

For a beta preview, download the documentation (1MB PDF) at

Spreadsheet Check and Control: 47 best practices to detect and prevent errors  Our offer - free shipping to EU .



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4) Off Topic

Office Offline : A web comic by David Salaguinto. Gentle humour.


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