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  Patrick R. O'Beirne BSc MA FICS   biography

Principal consultant and managing director of Systems Modelling Limited since 1981.  His current interests are in information system, spreadsheet risk controls and end user computing process improvement. His latest book is "Spreadsheet Check and Control" (Systems Publishing, 2005, ISBN 190540400X)

He is an Expert Advisor to the European Commission, current chair of the European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group (EuSpRIG) and a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences on practical I.T. solutions.

From 1999 to 2002 he provided services in consulting and auditing I.T. projects for information system conversion to the euro. He is an approved software tester to the BASDA standard for EMU compliance, and contributed to the national Euro Business Awareness Campaign of Ireland. His book "Managing the Euro in Information Systems; Strategies for Successful Changeover" was published by Addison Wesley in August 1999, ISBN 0-201-60482-5.

From 1997 to 1999 his focus was writing articles, speaking internationally, consulting, and auditing Year 2000(Y2K) projects. A certified TickIT ISO9000 auditor, he promotes software development process improvement using the Personal Software Process. He contributed to I.T. training courses in the Irish Management Institute, lectured in computer applications at the Management Science School of the Department of Statistics in Trinity College Dublin, and is involved in the TRINET project to provide remote regions with access to the world-wide Internet via low-earth-orbiting satellites. His background is in industrial quality control and operations research applications.

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