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  Traduisez / ‹bersetzen / Tradurre / Traduza / Traduzca Babelfish translator 

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Personal Software Process
Tools and Documents



  I am making available some forms and tools for PSP users generally. Some browsers cause problems when downloading files. If you experience problems, simply right-click on the link below and choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As". It is generally simplest to just download the .ZIP file.

Currently available are:

  Revised Time recording Log

  Revised Defect recording log

  Phase and Defect definitions

  All .DOC files above in one 11K file
  Program file compare to count New & Changed lines of code
(PKzipped) PRGFC.ZIP

Use  PKunzip or Winzip to extract the two files PRGFC.EXE (a DOS Clipper program) and BASE52E.PLL (a runtime library). Both must be present in the same directory for PRGFC to execute. PRGFC is written for Clipper code, but may be useful for C and similar languages. To run it, just type PRGFC followed by the names of the two program files you wish to compare.


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   I'd appreciate feedback letting me know how useful you find these.   Thanks! Patrick O'Beirne




Files uploaded 1997.06.19