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Free spreadsheet software resources

This is a selection of spreadsheet resources - some free, some commercial -  to do with Microsoft Excel, its clones, spreadsheet add-ins, and support for Excel developers and users. For a list of websites to do with spreadsheet development quality, financial and other modelling, see our spreadsheet links page and our Book list on Excel, Financial modeling, and related topics with links to Amazon.

On this page:

Spreadsheet application software for Windows and Linux
Useful spreadsheet templates for budgeting, planning, etc.
Excel VBA code examples, tools, freeware, shareware, commercial
Excel Tips, tricks, traps, bugs, bug fixes, user groups
Buy online: our SCANXLS utility to collect an inventory of spreadsheet usage

Spreadsheet Auditing Masterclass Dublin, London 2006
Spreadsheet Check and Control : key techniques to detect and prevent errors
New book on how to detect and prevent spreadsheet errors

Free Microsoft Excel Compatible Programs

Email us to let us know of more!


Open Office is both a free open-source application and project. The product is a multi-platform office productivity suite compatible with all major file formats.

Gnumeric  build 1.4.3 is available on Windows, see below.


Win95 and above, 400K. The only difference between the free Shareware and Registered versions is that the Shareware version has a message that is displayed each time you use one of the File menu options. SpreadCE has won the ZDNet PDA Software Award for best Windows CE Application.

Sphygmic Spreadsheet

Sphygmic Software Spreadsheet (1998, Win 3.1 16bit style) has 125 built-in functions, including text handling, statistical, date/time, and financial functions. Worksheets can span 256 columns and 16,384 rows. You can import industry standard CSV files and read and write Excel 4.0 files. (Direct download link, 4MB)

Excel Viewer 2003 from (9MB)

Download Excel Viewer 2003, a freely distributable program that lets users open, view, and print Excel workbooks, even if you don't have Excel installed. This download is a replacement for Excel Viewer 97/2000 and all previous Excel Viewer versions.



Gnumeric Current build is 1.4.3

Gnumeric, originally a free spreadsheet for Linux, is now also available on Windows. It aims to replace proprietary closed source spreadsheets. Coupled with the constant effort to ensure handling of major file formats, Gnumeric incorporates innumerable plug-ins which ensure user feedback by means of custom plug-in libraries. It includes a comprehensive array of filters (from txt to XML, HTML etc) to aid an effort in file sharing and cross suite compatibility.

PlanMaker for Linux 

Linux users now have an Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet program from Germany's Softmaker. A free beta of PlanMaker for Linux is now available for download.

Christopher Browne's list

1. Historical Background of Spreadsheets
2. Free Linux-Based Spreadsheets
3. Commercial Linux Spreadsheets
4. Other Spreadsheet Tools for Linux


Free spreadsheet templates NYU Professor of Finance Aswath Damodaran provides a number of models for corporate finance, valuation, and option pricing, along with data sets, research papers, seminars, and webcasts.

About 70 free Excel spreadsheets for financial analysis from Matt Evans, CPA, CMA, CFM.

Free Business Plans, Spreadsheet Templates, Financial Spreadsheets, Marketing Plans, and Strategic Plans from William P. Coon (now retired) of Olin school of management, Washington University.

Global Derivatives Option Pricing Spreadsheets with simple models and those which rely on simulation techniques or advanced modeling. (Black-Scholes, Monte Carlo, Asset, Binomial/Trinomial, etc) 

Peter McPhee's option pricing calculator to price European call and put options. VBA is unlocked, free to reuse.

Capital budgeting analysis, merger valuation model, cash flow, seven examples in Business Finance

Forecasting, Price Analysis, Universal Trend Charter, NPV Solution, Break-Even Visualizer.

Microsoft Office Templates - only a few.

Also see the Statistics section of our Spreadsheets page for teaching materials for student practice.

Commercial Excel templates and workbooks

| |

Check the Google advertisements above for Excel templates and packages for financial plans, cash flow forecasting, annual budgeting, business planning,  5 year projections, sales analysis, cost accounting, and simulation; some with free samples. Also see the list of Excel ready-to-use spreadsheets and add-ins below. USA Amazon UK

Scan and Inventory directories of Excel files and links

Do you ever wonder how many spreadsheet files you actually have on your hard disk or network, who wrote them, or how complex or interlinked they are? The answer is SCANXLS - Spreadsheet Links and Quality Metrics.

It is an Excel workbook that creates a listing of .XLS files in a drive and subdirectories along with their properties and complexity statistics. Its most important feature is to show how all these workbooks are linked together. Excel tells you what a workbook links to, but not what other workbooks use it as a source.


Excel VBA code examples, tools, utilities, shareware, commercial addins

Also see our spreadsheet links page for spreadsheet auditing tools and add-ins. Chip Pearson's Excel Page is an important resource  Microsoft Most Valued Professional pages include: David McRitchie's Excel Pages with articles, tips, resources, help ... a long page. OzGrid business applications by Dave Hawley has free advice, downloads and a very large template collection. Templates for writing a business plan, making financial projections, and useful white papers. Excel macros, assistants, charting, data, and a free downloadable book of time saving tips VBA Express is a combined efforts of many expert VBA coders to provide VBA code, discussion forums, and a knowledgebase of examples.  Excel add-ins for auditing and detecting spreadsheet errors, and tutorials available.
The Excel Auditor and Tools to help you manage, document, trace and comment your VBA code. Spreadsheet Aided Engineering Analysis Spreadsheets for Structural Engineering  EDC Erlandsen Data Consulting Excel VBA code library. Office Automation (previously Business Modelling Solutions) is Stephen Bullen's independent consultancy. He supports the Compuserve Excel forum and provides a number of example Excel files. Nathan's Excel site focuses on the presentation and formatting (usability) aspects of Excel systems.  PATools Data Toolkit Manipulate and analyze data within Microsoft Excel. SQL * XL Bridge between Excel and databases Information, links, and resources for Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Microsoft Excel VBA Examples Alan's Excel Goodies Microsoft Excel - Visual Basic for Applications code examples.  (France) XLL 33 add-in worksheet functions. (Italy) modulo VBA per Excel: many graphical data analysis utilities. (Sweden) The Excel Site by Ture Magnusson - some quick tips (Sweden) Dennis Wallentin Swedish site Tips & Tricks för MS Excel & VBA  (Norway) Ole P.'s Excel Tips Duncan Williamson Spreadsheet examples page includes a Powerpoint presentation on designing spreadsheets xlPrecision provides up to 32,767 significant digits of precision (compared to 15 with Excel) in 73 functions, including root, power, and all comparision operators. Learner Resources from Bayfield Training, financial modelling training & consultancy for the real-estate sector. Natalie Bayfield is the author of Estate Gazette's Excel for Surveyors and Advanced Excel for Surveyors. ExcelFIX restores corrupt Excel files, also AccessFIX and WordFIX.  Just How Bad Is Excel?, Why Excel Matters, Strategic solutions, OLAP and Excel. "Late nights? Conflicting spreadsheet databases? Broken links? Manual data entry? Embarrassing errors? Hand-carved reports? Broken macros? Monster spreadsheets? Organized confusion? Welcome to Spreadsheet Hell!" Rob's Excel VBA Pages and a lighthearted Excel Crash section. Elias Koumides's site includes ACCPRO2005.xls (853 KB) an accounting program in VBA appropriate for small companies;  post transaction and make accounting reports such as Trial Balance and Statement of Account. Robin Glynn has free downloads of business utilities and games. Article: "Pump Up Your Spreadsheets With UDFs" (not found Aug 2002) IntelligentApps 4excel data management add-in to Excel 2000 or Excel XP (not found Feb 2004)


Excel Tips, tricks, traps, bugs, bug fixes, user groups, blogs Microsoft Product Manager David Gainer's blog about Excel 12 Microsoft Office Development Center Microsoft's Excel site Bill Jelen's site has an extensive discussion board plus a section in Spanish. Woody's Office Watch: Office Tips,Bug Alerts & Fixes Nombreux trucs et astuces pour Excel, par Hervé Thiriez (France)  AbleOwl software "The Excel Sheet" magazine (formerly the Spreadsheet User Group) Joseph Rubin's long list of tips (no connection with below)  Free weekly Excel newsletter (no connection with above) Brian Sheridan's categorised Excel tips (no connection with above) Excel forum Forum gateway to Excel newsgroup discussions Excel tips and Free Excel Calendar Templates Excel Experts E-letter (or EEE), by David Hager. Documentation and Source Code to deal with the Excel File Format Open Office documentation on the internal Excel file BIFF format. Contains BIFF Editor utility to show the binary record structure of .XLS files.

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