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Spreadsheet Modelling and Auditing

The name "Systems Modelling" arose from an early involvement with financial modelling. Patrick O'Beirne wrote one of the first financial modelling packages for the DEC PDP-11. Currently, clients are advised on Spreadsheet construction with specific focus on good practice and auditing.

The TRINET-2 project
This project administered by the Informatics Development Institute (IDI) is intended to provide an alternative means of long-haul data communications between remote regions and the rest of the globe through implementing a data communications network based on the use of Low Earth Orbit satellite (LEOsat) technology.
Software Process Improvement

Systems Modelling Ltd. provides training in the Personal Software Process (PSP (sm SEI)). 
The Software Development pages on this site provide links to publicly available information.

Conference Presentations, public speaking
Patrick O'Beirne has presented extensively from 1997-2002 on software quality issues in Year 2000 and Euro conversion. Recent engagements have been on risk management in spreadsheet usage.
Free Home PC Security Tips
An article for the home PC user on anti-virus, firewall, safe surfing, spyware, and privacy protection
Is your web site demanding too much and providing little return? Discover how to achieve internal cost-efficiency, procurement optimisation, and effective customer service. We guide you through the alphabet soup of buzzwords, give tips on avoiding common web site mistakes, and provide hard-headed advice on the real value of e-commerce to your bottom line. Contact us for a free, no-obligation initial consultation on how we can best review your i-strategy to ensure you get value from your I.T. investment.
Euro Changeover Consulting 
Our consulting and project auditing can assist organizations in countries that may join the eurozone. They face the challenge of a mass systems change scenario when everything to do with money is redenominated in euro. We offer in-company training courses that cover inventory, impact assessment, planning the changeover scenario, and testing.

The EMU-Euro pages on this site provide a wealth of free archive information and links. 
Official Euro Partner


Clipper database consultancy
Resources are hard to find to remediate and maintain Clipper database systems. Training and consultancy are provided to clients who want to continue to get good value from their investment in these database application systems. Clipper systems can be upgraded to Windows using the FiveWin library.
Internet Domain Name acquisition  
Consultancy in the choice of a domain name and its marketing, lists of existing domain names ready to use with a particular focus on Ireland - Wicklow and Wexford.

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