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Clipper is a member of the Xbase family of languages. It has a large installed base, mainly in the DOS world, but also with Windows extensions such as Fivewin. Skills and resources are becoming scarce to maintain legacy systems. Patrick O'Beirne provides Clipper technical information both as a training  course and consultancy and software remediation.

We can even recover source code from Clipper Summer 87 executables and in some cases from Clipper 5.2. Use of a decompiler requires your warranty that you have the rights to perform decompilation.

Articles in this site include

Year 2000 issues in Xbase languages

Year 2000 issues in Clipper


Other useful Sites Patrick Mast's informative site for Fivewin users and xHarbour. Fivetech produce Fivewin, FW++ and Fivewin for Harbour Home Of FiveWin & ClipWeb 3.0 for Clipper & Xbase++ The Oasis - Phil Barnett's excellent Clipper FTP archive DMOZ Clipper index

The Clipper Newsgroup can be read on the web at Google Groups Deja forum: comp.lang.clipper 

General Systems Europe the developers of Ultimade. Their  CLIPPER/VO team won the 1995 European Software Developer's Competition. (Web site offline Dec 2001)

Yahoo's Clipper links are now only sponsored paid-for links in the category Business_and_Economy/Business_to_Business/Computers/Software/Databases/Titles/CA_Clipper/

The Clipper User Group of Ireland (CUGI) has been closed down.


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