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Workshop: The Impact of EURO on Information Systems

A one day seminar with Patrick O'Beirne (Systems Modelling Ltd.)

Seminar Introduction and Objectives

This seminar is split in 3 sessions of 90 minutes each: a session on the transition timetable and what it means to a business, a session on the I.T. manager's view and what is important for him/her, and a session on the technical details, particularly on rounding issues.

  • Changeover to the EURO
    The first session describes the unique three-year transition timetable in a scenario as a business might experience it. Understand the regulations that comprise the Legal Framework, especially Regulation 1103/97 which deals with conversion, triangulation, and rounding. Learn about the special business problems of the retail trade, and pricing in particular. You will learn the hidden traps of unthinking automatic conversion. Understand the overlap and conflict with other development projects using key points to guide this process. Changeover option strategies are contrasted so that you can understand the pros and cons of each. Get in one convenient place the most relevant web sources for euro conversion projects.
  • The EURO impact on I.T.
    Here, the I.T. Manager's view is taken into account, often a reluctant driver of a EURO project because of the problems of deadlines at this critical juncture in history. The systems that need conversion are wider than you might at first think. The technical details are presented exhaustively - you will learn what is significant in computer terms and what can be worked around. Technical Web resources are listed, an invaluable source in this fast-moving world.
  • The devil is in the details
    This is of particular value for testing specialists and those seeking euro compliance certification. Avoidable and unavoidable rounding errors are shown, with examples showing why and how errors arise. Triangulation and its alternatives and their anomalies are described to warn you of the pitfalls ahead. You will discover other unexpected EURO - software issues, and best practices such as those in spreadsheets will make this a particularly worthwhile presentation for technical and support managers. Software quality issues are often neglected in times of pressure; here you will learn the most important techniques to minimise errors when working to deadlines.

Who should attend this seminar

This seminar is aimed at:

  • I.T. and I.S. Managers, Technical Managers and Support Managers
  • EURO Analysts, Project Managers and Test managers
  • Quality Managers and I.T. Auditors
  • EURO Consultants, Conversion Specialists and Tool Vendors
  • As well as anyone who wants to understand the impact of EURO on Information Systems

Full Programme

1) What IT Managers Need to Know About the EURO

  • Timetable for the euro
  • Business Transition scenarios from now to 2002
  • Legal Framework
  • Regulation 1103/97
  • Industry sector-specific special problems
  • Pricing - general
  • Pricing - retail

2) The EURO Impact on Information Technology

  • Timetable for the EURO - determining the deadlines
  • Systems that need conversion
  • What about outside suppliers
  • Project planning
  • Manage the Requirements
  • Changeover options
  • Functionality changes
  • Base currency conversion - the ultimate changeover
  • Web Sources

3) The Devil is in the Details

  • Avoidable rounding errors
  • Triangulation
  • Unavoidable rounding
  • Testing, certification and "euro compliance"
  • Spreadsheets and end-user applications
  • What we know
  • Software quality
  • Conclusions and Summary

Seminar language:

The seminar language is English and will be used for all presentations and discussions.


  • Patrick O'Beirne (B.Sc., MA, FICS) is the Managing Director of Systems Modelling Limited since 1981. He is an Expert Advisor to the European Commission, and contributes to the national Euro Business Awareness Campaign of Ireland. His book "Managing the Euro in Information Systems; Strategies for Successful Changeover" was published by Addison Wesley in August 1999, ISBN 0-201-60482-5.
  • To find out more about his company Systems Modelling Ltd., visit their Web site at

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