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meis025.gif (8557 bytes)"Managing the Euro in Information Systems: Strategies for Successful Changeover" by Patrick O'Beirne. Addison Wesley August 1999 ISBN 0-201-60482-5

      Chapter Outline

Chapter 1 presents the history and essential legislation, the timetable, and definitions of terms.

Chapter 2 discusses general business issues, legal and accounting, regulations, impact assessment frameworks and checklists. It covers codes of practice, supply chain agreements, and how to set up a company-wide euro changeover project.

Chapter 3 discusses customer relations, marketing, dual pricing and other issues.

Chapter 4 presents the calculation details and pitfalls in conversion, rounding, and triangulation. It is important to understand these; they are not that daunting. It discusses some workarounds and their implications.

Chapter 5 discusses IT strategic changeover approaches - minimal or maximal, corresponding to conservative or aggressive business strategies. It discusses when is the best time for the internal changeover, and the various things that "euro-compliant" can mean.

Chapter 6 discusses the project management side of the changeover. It gives you a series of checklists, a proposed timetable, and a sample project outline.

Chapter 7 describes the conflict with the Year 2000 project.

Chapter 8 discusses best practices, software quality issues for the euro, requirements management and estimating.

Chapter 9 describes end-user computing special considerations, especially spreadsheets.

Chapter 10 provides a summary of the impact on US businesses. The euro is much more than "just another currency" for you!

Chapter 11 presents an SME hypothetical case.

Appendix A is a contribution from John Gray about the Euro symbol in various fonts.

Appendices B, C, D, and E provide extracts from national research reports and surveys and some case studies.

Appendix F lists package, tool and service vendors.

Appendix G is a complete reprint of Euro-paper 4, as a reference for the exact legal text.

The CD contains all the relevant commission documents and some demonstration software.

Table of Contents


  • Areas covered in the Preface
    What is this book about?
    Who should read this book?
    What is the euro?
    Chapter Outline
    Glossary and Abbreviations

Chapter 1: Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and the euro

  • History and regulations
    Convergence criteria
    Stability and Growth Pact
    Timetable for the Euro
    Conversion Rates
    Legal Framework
    Euro vs euros: the final word, perhaps
    Masculine or Feminine?
    Consumer issues
    Web Sites
    European Union institutions
    Member State Euro Enquiry Points
    Central Banks
    Business and professional organisations
    Other Web sites and publications with economic data
    Further Reading

Chapter 2: General Business Issues

  • The Business Pros and Cons
    Business management issues
    Questions to consider
    No Compulsion?
    Code of Practice
    Sales and Marketing
    Supply Chain Co-ordination
    Strategic Assessment
    Nine step planning process
    Further reading

Chapter 3: The effect on Business Operations

  • Price transparency
    Profit margins on small items
    The Price Accordion
    Dual Display
    Psychological Pricing
    Rounding effects on price points
    Accounting and Finance
    Sales invoicing and price lists
    Human Resources
    Legal implications
    Quality Systems - ISO 9000 and the euro
    Miscellaneous issues
    Financial Industry
    The Retail Trade

Chapter 4: Conversion Calculations

  • Avoidable errors
    Unavoidable rounding errors
    The effect on Ranges
    Historical data conversion
    Triangulation - is it necessary?

Chapter 5: IT Strategy and System Change Choices

  • General Considerations
    Changeover options
    If you are currently a package user
    If you are currently a single-currency company
    If you are using custom single-currency software
    If you are currently a multi-currency company
    Changeover Timing Strategies
    Timing - trading and accounting
    How do we handle rounding differences?
    Challenges for Software Suppliers
    Other Technical Details
    "Euro Compliance"
    BASDA EMU Accreditation - EU-wide 3.2
    Financial Ledgers – Conversion
    Financial Ledgers – Multi-currency
    Cash Book
    Treatment of Fixed Assets
    Local country requirements - to be specified
    Further references

Chapter 6: IT Project planning

  • Steps
    Contingency Planning
    Example Project Decision process

Chapter 7: 1999 and 2000 and all that

  • Conflict with the Year 2000 project
    Comparison of Year 2000 and euro currency projects
    Other comments on Y2K versus the Euro
    Media Comments and Myths
    Lessons from the birth of the euro

Chapter 8: How to do it right first time

  • Benefits from improved processes
    How can we do it better?
    The Personal Software Process
    Quality Standards

Chapter 9: PC Desktop and End User Applications

  • Hardware
    Operating System
    Word processing
    Other Applications.
    The euro currency Symbol

Chapter 10: The Euro and US Companies

  • Web sites

Chapter 11: Euro Scenario - SME

  • A sample changeover scenario for a small company.


Appendix A: A contribution from John Gray about the Euro symbol in various fonts.

Appendix B: Industry Surveys from Neaman Bond

Appendix C: The Leclerc Experiment

Appendix D: Case Study: Cascade Designs Ltd.

Appendix E: Q&A and illustrations on Notes, Coins, and the Euro Sign

Appendix F:  Package, tool and service vendors.

Appendix G: A complete reprint of Euro-paper 4 "Legal Framework for the Use of the Euro"

Glossay, Abbreviations, and Index

Accompanying CD

(Users: Please read the support NOTICE about AutoPlay/autorun)

Managing the Euro in Information Systems: Book Table of Contents

List of links to Official Euro information web sites

List of links to Business Euro information web sites

EURO PAPERS 1-28 from the European Commission

EMU & Euro IT Articles

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the euro and IT

BASDA "EMU Compliance" Accreditation criteria

Published articles by Patrick O'Beirne

Contributions by Capers Jones on Software Management

Contributions by John Gray on the Euro Symbol

Euro Tools & Services Vendors

Neaman Bond Survey of Y2K & Euro preparedness

Evergreen Euro Newsletters

Euro Calculators


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