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Managing the Euro in Information Systems:
Strategies for Successful Changeover

(Quoted from the book catalog entry)

Jeremy Stanford from UK , June 28, 1999 ***
[...] encyclopaedic new book raises the questions businesses need to ask themselves and offers solutions in terms of practical business strategies. Not only is this an essential guide for the information systems specialist introducing company-wide data, and the accountant tackling problems of conversion, it will help other businesses disciplines recognise the impact euro conversion will have on their activities too.

Capers Jones from Software Productivity Research , June 21, 1999 ****
[...]of great interest to the software and project management communities. It discusses many aspects of the Euro, and covers both the business and technical implications. U.S. managers and executives will find the book very useful as a primer on the Euro itself, and as a guide to how to handle mass update projects.

Peter Jenkins, Director and Managing Partner from Symbia Ltd , June 21, 1999 ****
[...]fills a critical need at a critical time. [...] Read Patrick's book if you want gain some real insights into this change and save yourself a lot of time 're-inventing' your own wheel.

From the Foreword by Pieter Dekker Amsterdam, April 1999.
Patrick O'Beirne was one of the first to realize that the introduction of the euro could have a significant effect on information systems. In this book, his latest contribution to the discussion about the effect of the euro on information systems, he draws from his expertise to provide one of the most comprehensive publications on the subject yet. For the many businesses that still have to prepare for the euro, the guidance offered in this book will help them to make the euro a success.

From the Preface by Eoin Gahan, Senior Economist, Forfás EMU Business Awareness Campaign.
This book therefore, is valuable both on account of its broad coverage of the issues as well as of the detail in to which it goes in a wide range of technical areas. It could be profitably read both by information systems specialists as well as by those in general management, particularly on the strategic side. For the computer expert, it defines the tasks clearly. For the management specialist, it outlines the economic significance of EMU and the requirements of business strategy. The great virtue of the book, however, is that it does this in a highly readable way, allowing the two sides of business to understand one another and to recognise the importance of both parts of the work.


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