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NOTICE for users of the CD:

(1) The CD does not AutoPlay (autorun). Simply browse it in Windows Explorer starting with the file "default.htm" in the subdirectory "eurois". Correction: The label says
Open the file D:\default.htm
(Where D: is your CD drive letter) That should read:
Open the file D:\eurois\default.htm

(2) The Cap Gemini euro conversion calculator suffers from premature rounding, causing it to be inaccurate. Our current best recommendation is the IBM Euro reckoner: 

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The user name is "reader". The password currently is the first word on page 117 of the book.

Pitfalls in Euro Software Testing 23/03/2000

Presentation to Unicom Testing Conference London 22 March 2000

FEE Conference Paris Nov 13-14 2000

My presentation to the FEE conferences focus on what specific features a software system needs to be able to support the complete business changeover scenario. I listed all the tests that needed to be performed where any of these features are automated, and called for openness and transparency in declarations by package vendors of what their software does to assist the changeover. The slides are available on the FEE euro web site in zipped Powerpoint slide format. This link takes you to our online version.

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