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BASDA approval for EMU Compliance Accreditation 

The Business Application Software Developer's Association announced in February 2001 the appointment of Patrick O'Beirne of System Modelling as a BASDA approved tester of application software against the BASDA EMU standard.

The second level of the BASDA standard covers account and base currency conversion to the euro, and the ability to support IEP and Euro transactions before and after the changeover.

Source The BASDA EMU Accreditation page

BASDA have published a booklet entitled "The Euro and UK Business in 2002" to highlight the impact of the euro from 1/1/2002 on businesses trading with the euro-zone . This is freely available on the website 

BASDA Tel: 01494 677699 Fax: 01494 681894



The following packages have now been certified for BASDA EMU Accreditation by Systems Modelling, the second approved tester for certifying application software against the BASDA EMU standards.

Package Name   Accreditation Date   Company Name
SquareSum Dream v2.10   30th Jan 2001   SquareSum plc
Exchequer Enterprise v4.3x   30th Jan 2001   Exchequer Software Ltd.
TAS Books Accounting PlusApril 2001TAS  (now part of the Sage Group)
Sybiz VisionSept. 2001Sybiz
OpenAccountsNov. 2001OpenAccounts

The SML test cases are designed to highlight errors and adjustments expected to arise in the transitional period for accounting software that is adapted for the euro. They cover the "price accordion" effects, detecting the use of inverse rates, rounding, truncation, accounting with master and detail records, and account and base conversion in the transition scenario. The specific test data for any given base currency uses sensitive data points that are most likely to give rise to differences in conversion and rounding.

We place particular stress on the communications from the vendor to the customer, whether it be in documentation, training, actual conversion factories, or helpline support. The better prepared the users are, the more accurately their expectations will match the results, and the least amount of time is wasted explaining non-material differences in a post-conversion audit.

There is only a short time frame left for company conversions, and we see an increasingly obvious trend for users to leave the conversion to the last minute. The more efficient and well-justified the conversion process is, the more smoothly their customers, suppliers, auditors, and employees will experience the changeover. This can only be of benefit to the success of the entire euro project in the eurozone.

Patrick O'Beirne

Managing Director

Systems Modelling Ltd.


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