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National euro information links Official Euro Partner

This page is maintained by Patrick O'Beirne of, author of the book+CD "Managing the Euro in Information Systems: Strategies for success" (The revision history of this document is at the bottom)

This is a page of national official euro information links. For European Commission, ECB, commercial and other links, see the general Euro Web links page.

Archives of closed euro sites may be found at:  "Since it was decided to launch a single currency in Europe, numerous Internet sites dealing with the euro have been set up by individuals, institutions, companies, etc. In order to keep this Internet memory of the euro alive, the Directorate General Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Commission has decided to store all these documents –whether merely informative, in favour of or against the euro currency - in an electronic archival resource, Euro-Archives, which aims to make all points of view on the euro accessible to the widest possible audience."

National official sites (Government, academic, chambers of commerce)
EU: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom/Britain. Updated after EU enlargement, 1st May 2004: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia
Other: Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Croatia, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Russia, South Africa, Latin America, Paraguay, Australia, Canada, U.S.A.

If you have any sites to suggest especially in the countries without many links below, please use the feedback form. Equally, if you find that any of these sites do NOT contain useful information on the euro, please contact us to have them removed, and keep this a high-quality directory. Thanks! 

Map of Europe

ISO Codes: 

Eurozone countries: AT:Austria; BE:Belgium; DE:Germany; ES:Spain; FI:Finland; FR:France; GR:Greece; IE:Ireland; IT:Italy; LU:Luxembourg; NL:Netherlands; PT:Portugal; 

See map below for all EU countries after enlargement, 1 May 2004.

Geopolitical and regional map of Europe with 25 Member States

Source: EU Mediatheque (click to enlarge)
Geopolitical and regional map of Europe with 25 Member States

For more information on national currency codes, fixed euro conversion rates, and other Frequently Asked Questions, see the EMU Euro FAQ

International sites

Although many of these websites have a .be domain because they are located in Brussels, these are head offices of European-wide bodies and so are listed in the International Links page rather than here under Belgium.

National Official pages

Austria: Oesterreichische Nationalbank (Central Bank) with ready-made PDF and PPT presentations targeting banks, businesses, consumers and journalists. Tel 00 43 1 514 33 2226 (euro hotline) Wirtschaftsministerium (Economics Ministry) Österreichische Bundesregierung Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik: Euro - Info - Net Vereinigung der österreichischen Industrie - Europa-Informationen (Federation of Austrian Industry) (offline Aug 2002) EURO, Förderungen, Euro-Umstellung - das EIC garantiert fundierte Beratung  Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, Euro-Homepage (Chambers of Industry) 
The Departement of European Integration is an interdisciplinary institution of the Donau-Universität Krems, specializing in European Union Law, European business and economics, as well as European politics.  Kammer der Wirtschaftstreuhänder EuroCalculus (in German) had an Excel spreadsheet to perform calculations of euro cash requirements for retailers. 
Peter Schnedlitz/Rupert Nagler/Christoph Teller Projektkurzbericht Euro - Day 1. Januar 2002 (gone Apr 2003) Tool zur Wechselgeldberechnung für die duale Währungsphase (link dead Feb 2002)

Belgium: Official euro site. for young people    Ministry of Finance Belgian National Bank  The Belgian IT Works site The Eurocoach project, to promote the exchange of information and good practice between Chamber Euro experts.  Centre for European policy studies Site dates from 1999, glossary and links. (offline May 2004)


Delegation of the European Commission in Cyprus
Government of the Republic of Cyprus
Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism

Czech Republic:

Delegation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic
Government of the Czech Republic
Czech Invest


(Referendum on Sep. 28 2000 rejected joining the euro by 53% to 47%) (Ministry of Economic Affairs) Tel: 00 45 33 92 49 62 Fax: 00 45 33 92 41 63 EuropaSider indeholder links til materialer om EU og europæiske forhold The EU information office of the Danish Parliament, Questions and Answers (Spørgsmål & Svar). (Offline Dec 2001) EURO - DR Nyheder Online Europa-Kommissionen (no such host Apr 2002) ØMUen og industrien (very slow site, lots of Java) National Bank EURO HÅNDBOGEN Indgange til ØMU-debatten - Entries to the EMU debate.  – Kritisk debatforum om ØMUen many Danish links

Estonia: appears to be euro-skeptic

Delegation of the European Commission in Estonia
Government of Estonia
Estonian Investment Agency
History and culture

Finland: (offline Aug 2002)  Suomen Pankki (Central Bank) Central Chamber of Commerce Tel: 00 358 969 69 69 Fax: 00 358 965 03 03 (offline Aug 2002) Consumer agency Finnish Foreign Trade Associations Tel: 00 358 9 1992 Fax: 00 358 20 469 55 35 (not found Feb 2004)  Ministry of Finance EMU Plan for Adoption of the Euro 2001/2002 (offline May 2004) Educational site The Confederation of Finnish Industry and Employers (offline Feb 2003) (offline Aug 2002) Series of games about the European Union and the euro targeted at young people (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).  The European Union, including the Maastricht Treaty, EMU and the euro (WSOY). (not found Aug 2002)

France: French information campaign focusing on establishing reference values for prices in euro, results of surveys on the impact of the campaign. Banque de France (Central Bank)    Finance Ministry      MATIF The interest-rate, equity and commodities derivative markets (offline May'04) Public information and educational. Vivre avec l'euro, actualites, outils, sites web forums, initiatives d'information, supports pedagogiques. Le Programme de la classe de Terminale en sciences économiques et sociales  L'Institut de l'euro analyse les aspects institutionnels, économiques, techniques et juridiques de l'introduction de la monnaie unique dans l'Union européenne. (offline Aug 2002)  120 questions pour réussir l'euro ! permettra d'évaluer étape par étape, le niveau de conformité à la monnaie unique des structures de votre entreprise. Association Française des Établissements de Crédit et des Entreprises d'Investissement; Articles & Dossiers; Basculement à l'euro scriptural des entreprises... Ordre des Experts-Comptables links to "Vérifiez les fonctionnalités euro de vos logiciels", a web site hosted by IBM France that comprises software suppliers' details of euro compliance.

Germany:     Finance Ministry. A report of the inter-ministerial working group on EMU preparations. A comprehensive rundown of every aspect of German preparations. Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology     Deutsche Bundesbank (Central Bank). Under Euro-info, a series of new quizzes on the cash, which increase in difficulty.  (german) (english) University of Mannheim Euro Documentation Centre (EDC) Bürger FORUM Europa e.V.  German Industrial and Trade Association Tel 00 49 0228 1040 BerlinOnline: Wirtschaft;  info on the Euro at the BerlinOnline's Economics site. (gone Apr 2003) Für Sie als Bürger, aber auch als Unternehmer und Berliner Verwaltungsmitarbeiter werden sich immer wieder Fragen zur neuen gemeinsamen Währung auftun. Wir geben Ihnen die Antworten. The initiative of several German public and private institutions and provides information on the euro topic.  (gone Apr 2003) Website zur Auftaktaktion der Deutschen Bundesbank sowie aller Banken und Sparkassen zur Euro-Bargeldeinführung "Her mit den Schlafmünzen". Details of the German campaign to collect hoarded coins.(private Aug'04)


Joined EMU Phase II on Jan 1, 2001. Ministry of national economy. Euro National Coordination Committee, Syntagma Square, Nikisstreet 5-7, 10180 Athens. Tel: +30/1-333-2750 Fax :+ 30/1-333-2760. Information on the euro in Greek.  European Commission, Representation in Greece euro information. Áíáêïßíùóç: Ôï Åõñþ êáé ïé åõÜëùôåò êïéíùíéêÝò ïìÜäåò Bank of Greece also in English  Athens derivative exchange S.A. document on discussions between ADEX, ADECH and ASYK concerning the transition to Euro. Ministry of Finance,  General Accounting Office, on the redenomination of public debt and the coins & banknotes. Hellenic Bank Association. Federation of Greek Industry. The "Greece Now" site contains reports from banks on the implications of Greece's accession to EMU. ABN AMRO article on Greek convergence. Information in Greek on the euro. (no such host Apr 2002) Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (no such host Dec 2003) Chamber of Kavala is a Euro Info Centre, information in Greek only except for trade announcements.

Hungary: ITD Hungary (Investment and Trade Development Agency) INFORMÁCIÓK AZ EURÓPAI UNIÓRÓL AZ INTERNETEN, Magyarországon.  Euro Info Service

Delegation of the European Commission in Hungary
Government of Hungary
Hungarian Central Statistical Office
General, Hungarian National Tourist Office
Culture and history

Ireland: and Ireland's National Changeover Board Tel 00 353 1 639 6200 LoCall 1890 20 10 50. 'EMU and the euro: Ireland's National Changeover Plan' is available there. was the EMUAware site of the Irish Government's Technology Advisory Agency (Forfás). (+353)(0)1 607 3299 LoCall: 1890 208 308. They ran the Loughrea Eurotown experiment, performed surveys on the takeup of the euro, and provide information, training packs, and sponsor seminars. has case studies for thirty Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) participating in the Eurotown project in Loughrea, Co. Galway, Ireland.  (not found Feb 2004)  The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland had a booklet The euro - changeover issue for business (not found June 2003) Central Bank of Ireland  The Office of the Director of Consumer Affairs included the national code of practice for dual pricing (offline 2003)  Revenue Comissioners information on tax and customs aspects of the switchover, tax receipts Tel: 00 353 1 702 4148  (not found Feb 2004) Department of Finance Tel 00 353 1 676 7571 Fax: 00 353 1 678 9936 LoCall: 1890 661010 The Irish Business & Employer's Confederation (IBEC) had analysis on the implications for business in general, human resources, collective bargaining, and the economy. The Irish Business Bureau is the EU office of IBEC. Euro Info Centres Chambers of Commerce in Ireland The Institute of European Affairs was founded in 1991 as a self-governing body devoted to the study of Irish policy on European integration. It is a forum where politicians, public servants, representatives of business, agriculture, the trade unions, the media and academia, can discuss and evaluate the long-term options for Ireland within Europe. The European Movement - Ireland is an independent voluntary organisation, which exists to promote the economic, political and social development of Europe. The European Commission in Ireland. EU information directly relevant to Ireland, a schools page in English and Irish, with details of European learning aids. (297K) Economic and Strategic Impacts of EMU for the Irish Dairy Industry: MBA thesis by Stephen Gill (now with PWC in Ireland), September 1998.

Italy:    Finance Ministry     La Camera di Commercio di Milano e l'euro (not found Aug 2002) Eurolandia is an Italian website on the Euro for students and teachers, also available in English. (Offline Dec 2001)  The principal sites of Euro in Italy on Miran Pecenik's page.  Presentazione, Offerta, Forum, Domande all'Eurotutor, FAQ, Assistenza Euro, Link, Redazioni Euro, News, Eventi & Seminari, Curiosità


Delegation of the European Commission in Latvia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Latvia
Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Culture and History


Delegation of the European Commission in Lithuania
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lithuania
Lithuanian Development Agency
Culture and History

Luxembourg: Banque centrale du Luxembourg euro helpline Tel 00 352 478 2641/2608


Delegation of the European Commission in Malta
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malta
Malta Development Corporation
Culture and History

Netherlands: De Nederlandsche Bank (Central Bank) The Dutch National Forum for Euro Transition Dutch Ministry of Finance Han Van Doorn "Y2K Solutions" in the Netherlands focuses on Year 2000 and Euro issues. Surveys, cost estimates, and alternative strategies.  site van Interpay Nederland over de euro. Op deze site vindt u alle actuele informatie over uw betaalautomaat en de euro. History of European Integration From Leiden University, Department of History, including bibliographies, oral histories, statistic sources, timelines, and other resources on European integration past and present. Exchange was a Eurocities project supported by the European Commission under its Prince programme for information activities on the introduction of the single currency. It featured a "Guide to strategic basic principles for the transition to the euro by local authorities".

Poland:  Centra Euro Info w Polsce    Warsaw Voice Journal  Poland's Import Export Chamber Gateway, maintained by Masterpage

Delegation of the European Commission in Poland
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Poland
Polish Agency for Foreign Investment
Culture and History

Portugal: Banco de Portugal Portuguese Ministry of Finance Tel: 00 01 882 40 00/1/2/3  Fax: 00 01 882 40 10/15 (offline Aug 2002) IAPMEI - Espaço Euro PME Site da Comissão Euro do Ministério das Finanças, onde poderá encontrar informações úteis sobre o Euro e as alterações que a sua introdução nos trará. Euro-Mediterranean Study Commission EuroInfo Portugal


Delegation of the European Commission in the Slovak Republic
The Slovak Republic Government Office
Slovak Agency for Foreign Investment
Culture and History


Delegation of the European Commission in Slovenia
Negotiating team for accession of Slovenia to the EU
Government Office for European Affairs, Slovenia
Slovenia and the European Union

Spain: Tel 00 341 902 11 2002 (Offline Dec 2001) Ministerio de Economía (Ministry of Economics) Banco d'Espagña    Cambres de Comerç de Catalunya Catalonian site for teachers Generalitat de Catalunya The cartoon characters used in Spain’s campaign had their own animated website (offline 2003)  The Catalan Bank has information in Catalan, Spanish, and English.


(not joining in first wave) Sveriges Riksbank (Central Bank) (Ministry of Finance, Euro Co-ordinator) Tel 00 46 8 405 1497 (Offline May'04) Stabilitet och stabiliseringspolitik i EMU Delbetänkande från kommittén för stabilisering för full sysselsättning vid svenskt medlemskap i valutaunionen, SOU 2001:62. Europafokus - den öppna debatten om Europa    Business Info Prenumerera på Eurofaktas nyhetsbrev Håll dig uppdaterad i EMU-frågan utan kostnad.  (offline Aug 2002)  Regeringskansliet - Euroinformation Informationsinsatsen om praktiska eurofrågor. 

Great Britain / United Kingdom:

(Not in the first wave of EMU. ) The UK Treasury's euro page. Their publications  'The Pros and Cons of EMU', and 'EMU - Practical Information for Business' are available in pdf form for downloading. They also have case studies and a "thermometer" for SMEs to test their euro impact.  HM Treasury’s Euro Preparations Unit (latest report Nov 2003)

The Bank of England has practical advice and information downloadable from Bank of England PIQ page "Practical Issues Arising from the Euro" has several PDF files covering the Markets, Financial Services, Infrastructure, Preparations for possible UK entry, accession countries exchange rates in transition Links to Accounting / Central Banks / European Union Institutions / Exchanges / First-wave Member States Euro Information / Information Providers / Market Associations / Miscellaneous / Payments, Clearing and Settlement / UK Institutions Office of Government Commerce eFoundation provides IT best practices advice and services.  The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has guides and tools in their Euro Planner section. Northern Ireland Euro Preparations Forum website. (offline May 2004)  Guidance on using the euro in U.K. VAT returns  on the euro and tax. The European Commission Representation in the United Kingdom. European Information Association “Developing,co-ordinating and improving access to EU information”  The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales Knowledge Guide to the euro. The Library & Information Service provides a wealth of resources to help members to understand the changes taking place, providing a special current awareness service updated daily targeting further reading with abstracts of new books and articles on the Euro in the accounting sector. The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants had  euro articles on their archive. The site is being re-developed. Confederation of British Industry have policy documents for members only. by Roy Davies of the University of Exeter. His interest is the history of money. Also see his article Britain and European Monetary Union where he states "The Pound Sterling, in contrast to other European currencies, has 1,000 years of history, shaping British attitudes
to monetary union." Lancaster University's Esprit project Renaissance Method Revision. A Method Adoption Report describes the performed study and points out strengths and weaknesses of the adapted Renaissance method when applied to Euro conversion. A set of Powerpoint slides documents a case study on the project.    Britain in Europe campaign publishes pro-Europe papers. Business Case for the Euro; Straight Bananas? 150 anti-European myths exposed; The case for the euro; Making Europe a world class competitor; Out of Europe: the risks.   The European Movement in Britain  Centre for European reform Consumers in Europe group are an independent voluntary UK organisation concerned with the effects of European Union policies and proposals on UK consumers (not found Aug 2002) Pro-EU Anti-Euro movement  Critical European Group (anti European Integration. Not found June 2003) "How Could British Businesses Be Affected by the Single European Currency?" Salford University thesis by Simon Harvey  (gone Apr 2003) University Association for Contemporary European Studies hold a range of conferences which include topics related to the Euro, have a Contemporary European Studies publication series and a journal, the Journal of Common Market Studies. The Scottish Euro Forum has launched the 'Trading in Euro' symbol aimed at Scottish (and UK) businesses that want to demonstrate their readiness and willingness to trade in euro with European partners, irrespective of whether the UK joins the euro or not. Warning: this site uses a plugin for a coin animation and has no plain text fallback; therefore users with high security settings in Internet Explorer browsers will see nothing. Euro Taskforce for Wales   South East England regional euro forum (not found Dec'03)   Regional Euro Forums Twelve Regional Euro Forums are operating across the UK, to provide help and advice for businesses at a local level.  (offline Aug'04) West Midlands Euro Preparations Forum (offline 2003) Euro Info Centres (EICs) provide local access to a range of specialist information and advisory services to help companies develop their business in Europe. Institute of Public Finance has a European page and newsletter. The Euro Information Network (EIN) is a domain name that points to the "Euro-In" pro-euro discussion list on is the new advocacy and resources site for EIN (above) A Guide to the European Union Institutions, Policies, Programmes, Funds & Entry Tests to the EU Institutions ISBN 1871328136 by M. D. Hassiotis  Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG) links page maintained by the University of Bristol.

EU Candidate Countries


Delegation of the European Commission in Bulgaria
Government of the Republic of Bulgaria
Foreign investments agency
Culture and history


Delegation of the European Commission in Romania
Government of Romania
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania
Culture and History

Turkey:  University of Ankara Department of Economics   Aykut Kibritcioglu in the University of Ankara has an extensive set of links on European economic integration.

Representation of the European Commission to Turkey
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey
Under secretariat of Foreign Trade
Culture and History

Non-EU sites

Norway: Euro ODIN, Offentlig Dokumentasjon og Informasjon i Norge  Euro-lenker ØMU og euro inneholder relevant informasjon om ØMU (Den Økonomiske og Monetære Union) og euro. (not found Apr 2002) Euro Info Centre Vest Vår oppgåve er å informere, gi råd og assistere små og mellomstore bedrifter (SMB) med informasjon og kunnskap om EU/EØS og markedsadgang.

Switzerland:  Das Euro Info Center Schweiz ist die offizielle Schweizer Vertriebsstelle für alle Veröffentlichungen der Europäischen Union  (gone Dec 2002)

Croatia/Hrvatska:  Croatian National Bank Euro Website  Vecernji list euro information

Russian Federation:


Canada: "The Euro - Europe's New Currency" by Prof. Werner Antweiler is located at  the PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service The European Union Bibliography, 3rd edition, 1999 by Osvaldo Croci Department of Political Science Laurentian University. Please note that this is a BIG file - 645K !

USA: European Union Delegation of the European Commission to the United States 2300 M Street NW, Washington DC 20037 Telephone: (202) 862-9500 Fax: (202) 429-1766 Dr. Cleeton teaches graduate courses in EMU studies; very good links and its list of academic references is superb, including the Bank for International Settlements - the birthplace of EMU at - where there are a lot of good euro-related banking publications available.  (gone Dec 2002) a BIG page (225K) on  Economic Policies in EMU, Euro Economic Sources. The Euro Homepage by Giancarlo Corsetti. Prof. Corsetti is part-time assistant professor of economics at Yale University, where he is member of the Economic Growth Center and of Council on European Studies. Evans School of Humanities and Social Sciences  (gone Dec 2002) The Euro Zone Working Page at Duke University  (gone Dec 2002) The University of Wisconsin-Madison Internet Scout project euro links. (not found Aug 2002) the EU committee of the American Chamber of Commerce represents US business interest towards the institutions of the European Union. (offline Feb 2002) The Network of European Union Centers, founded by the European Union in 1998, is part of the EU's effort to build stronger ties among Europeans and Americans, and includes ten European Union Centers hosted by academic institutions throughout the United States.  Member State Perspective Reports from the European Union Center, the Center for West European Studies of Pittsburgh University guides to European Monetary Union and the uniform Euro currency (not found Aug 2002) INVESTING IN THE EURO "As of today it seems more profitable to invest in EU companies than in the Euro itself. But the Euro will gain back some of its value within a year or two, and that is when holding Euro's instead of dollars will make easy money."    CPATeam - for accountants The Brookings Institution: International Effects of the Euro  (gone Aug'04) New York times feature before the introduction of the euro (1998)

Australia: The Australian Government guide for exporters

Latin America

(None known)

If you have any sites to suggest especially in the countries without links shown, please use the feedback form. Thanks!


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