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Risk management (PDF)and contingency planning in a euro project. FEE Euro web site. April 2001

"Time to take a hard look at your euro software" Irish Independent newspaper April 25 2001. In a follow up article on May 3 "Check euro software up to scratch", I named the suppliers that I have certified for BASDA: Squaresum, Exchequer, and TAS

"Enterprises 2002" Round Table 6 June 2000. The take up of the euro by SMEs, the introduction of notes & coins, practical issues in accounting and software systems, and SME case studies. As one SME speaker said, "It won't be hard to lose money at that time if you don't prepare".

Euro "Compliance" and certification. May 2000. Trust, but verify certification of euro compliance. This discussion of accreditation standards has been reprinted in Euro-Impact and International Treasurer magazines and on the AMUE "euro files".

The Euro Town project of Loughrea, Ireland. February 2000 is a demonstration project which will run until October 2000 and involves 30 local businesses who are being supported in their changeover efforts in terms of information, advice and training. Solutions and processes proposed by the state technology agency Forfás as part of the national EMU Business Awareness Campaign can be tested out in practice on these small companies.

Lessons from the birth of the euro. "Irish Computer" magazine, March 1999. What Y2K projects might have learned from the successful birth of the euro.

The three line summary is:
1) The Euro changeover is nothing like the Y2K project.
2) It's not over yet, there are three years to go!
3) The good news is that those who run well-managed projects and rehearse well will succeed.

5 July 1998 : "Managing risk in euro currency conversion" Article from the Cutter IT Journal, Volume XI, No. 6; June 1998.This article explores a number of business and technical issues concerning the euro conversion and suggest ways of managing the risk.

27 April 1998 : "Euro myths and facts" Article from March 1998 "Irish Computer" magazine on how to adapt IT systems to the euro. It also covers  the legal framework, and includes a list of publications and web sites.

Implications of the euro for IT June 1997

Example Case Study of SME June 1997. This shows a "Use Case" scenario of how a small company operating a single-currency accounting package might change to euro. 

1996 Report on trials with the euro in French supermarkets - the 1996 Leclerc experiment

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